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Feel free to reach out if you have any questions! As for now, here is a list of FAQs that may answer some concerns.

  • How can I learn more about recruitment beforehand?
    We have four info sessions this summer that everyone is encouraged to attend, and we will also have orientation the day before letting you know everything you can expect for the week.
  • Is primary recruitment only for freshmen?
    Of course not! Any female that is a registered UCI student in the quarter of the time they choose to go through recruitment may go through recruitment!
  • If I sign up for recruitment do I have to join a sorority?
    No, the week of recruitment is not binding, and anyone who is curious is encouraged to at least meet the members!
  • How do I know which sorority is right for me?
    At UC Irvine, we host a values-based recruitment. Some of the values we hold include service, scholarship, leadership, and sisterhood. With the help of your recruitment counselor, you will find a chapter whose values align with your own, and a place you'll feel glad to call your home.
  • Will joining a sorority interfere with school?
    Absolutely not! All of the Panhellenic sororities have programs to support scholarship and encourage putting school first. The Panhellenic community has maintained a higher overall GPA than the all undergraduate overall GPA this past year.
  • Is there a minimum GPA?
    Each chapter has their own GPA requirement. These are stated for you in the PNM booklet, and are also given to the recruitment counselors if you would like to ask them. Chapters also have programs to help you in your classes.
  • What if I have class during recruitment?
    The Panhellenic Chapters at UC Irvine understand that school comes first and is the priority. If you need to miss part of recruitment due to classes, let your recruitment counselor know. They will explain the process to you for missing an event.
  • Can I live in my sorority's house after joining?
    Many of our chapters have houses on campus, and we encourage members to live in them at some point, usually second or third year! However, you will usually not move in the same year that you join a sorority, so we still recommend that you apply for other housing if you plan to participate in fall recruitment!
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