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Thursday, August 27, 2020

To the UC Irvine SFL community,

The COVID-19 pandemic and recent changes to instruction for Fall 2020 shows that guidelines and protocols are being implemented to facilitate healthy practices of our immediate and surrounding community. With positive cases increasing nationwide, campuses like University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, University of California- Berkeley, University of Washington, University of Mississippi, and the University of Southern California have prompted the need for additional adaptations and adjusting to plans surrounding physical distancing.

To every general community member at UCI, to every SFL chapter executive board, to every SFL chapter president, we challenge you all to lead. In this defining moment, we invite you to lead and make a call to action for all to take personal responsibility and join life-saving work. To avoid actions that will jeopardize the health and safety of others when meeting in person, councils are mandating all events be held virtually moving forward.

This unique opportunity to set and follow through with community standards is why Tri-Council is asking for our current and future SFL members to take personal responsibility for our collective actions. Follow the guidelines set forth by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) during this pandemic. For our SFL community, virtual/ remote operations are the standard to ensure our meetings as a chapter, as an executive board, and all other events are in adherence with established protocols. While we understand that moving all chapter events to a virtual format can pose significant challenges, we invite you to boldly lead and model the way for our SFL community.

Below are some platforms that can be utilized to maximize your online capabilities.

Group Meetings: Google Hangout | Skype | Zoom

Individual Meetings: Skype | Zoom

Member Engagement: Marco Polo- Apple, Marco Polo- Google | Netflix Party- Chrome extension | Houseparty

Communication: Mailchimp | GroupMe | Basecamp

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us as council presidents or the Sorority & Fraternity Life staff if you need additional resources or advice on how to proceed during the COVID-19 pandemic. For additional questions or comments, please visit:

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